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Hoarding and Fire Safety

Did you know?

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that approximately 2.6% of people have hoarding disorder, with higher rates for people over 60 years old and people with other mental health issues. People with hoarding disorder collect and keep items that fill up their living space to the extent that the space is no longer usable. This accumulation of material presents fire safety risks to residents and firefighters read on to learn more about hoarding & fire safety.

Know the fire safety risks and how you can keep yourself and first responders safe.

  • Personal items can crowd cooking equipment, making it unsafe to cook.

  • Personal items can crowd heating equipment, putting you at risk of having a fire.

  • Blocked windows and doors make it difficult for firefighters to get into your home to fight the fire and search for occupants.

  • Piles of belongings make it difficult for firefighters to move through your home quickly.

How can safety be improved?

  • Always keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away from cooking and heating equipment.

  • Keep doorways and windows clear for escape in case there is a fire. This will also prevent injuries from falling over excessive personal items.

Keep appliances at least 3 feet from other items

Download this handout for more information or to share this important topic.

hoarding and fire safety
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