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Plan Ahead to Save Lives

Updated: Feb 18

In the event of a home fire, every second counts...The increasing severity of home fires due to modern building contents and open space configurations makes it crucial that people are prepared to leave their homes immediately in the event of fire.

Did you know:

Residents could have less than 2 minutes to escape a home fire once the smoke alarm sounds.

  • Draw a map of your home. Include all doors and windows.

  • Find 2 ways out of every room.

  • Make sure doors and windows are not blocked.

  • Choose an outside meeting place in front of your home.

  • Practice your home fire drill with everyone in the home.

  • Push the test button to sound the smoke alarm and start your home fire drill.

  • Get outside to your meeting place.

Download PDF • 116KB

Fire is fast. Plan ahead to save lives. Start the year by creating and practicing your home fire escape plan to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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