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Volunteer, the Community needs You!

And the need is stronger than ever...

75% of Fire Departments in the US rely on volunteers...

Things have changed as our lives have become more complicated, connected, and digital. Volunteerism has been a dying aspect of the newer generation's lives, as demonstrated in declining membership nationwide; however, it has never been so important! As community grows and population sprawls, people move to smaller towns to escape the city bustle and expect the same levels of service that were afforded in a larger town or city. Many small rural towns simply do not have the capacity, resources, tax base, or available budget to provide that same level of service through fully staffed career stations. Did you know that 75% of Fire Departments in the US rely on volunteers to respond to the call? Our community relies on volunteers; regular people like you, who are trained to provide life saving interventions and mitigate property damaging hazards in a time of need. Without continued contributions of time from people like you and your neighbors, we lose our ability to meets the needs of the community.

100% of the those citizens protected by volunteer departments, rely on you and I...

Many department leaders will recall the years past when membership soared, fire turn outs exceeded 12 plus internal members, medical calls had enough people to move patients easily and provide coverage for additional calls, members who were too "slow" to turn-out were left behind at the station while you giggled that you "made the first due rig" and they "missed the bus" - spirits were high. As membership declined and attrition took it's toll, we were left with a handful of dedicated individuals that led to cases of burnout and fatigue. The greater membership of the past allowed for personnel to share duties and have designated times of response yet affording a higher turnout for large or long duration incidents and a division of labor for smaller responses. Regardless of what has happened behind the scenes, 100% of the citizens protected by volunteer and combination departments rely on volunteers like you and I. Do you think you are up to the task?

Volunteers are highly trained and professionally certified...

One of the many benefits of volunteering is receiving free professional training, advancement, and national certification in most instances. Classes taken with a volunteer department can lead to professional certification that does not limit you to just the individual organization and can also become a building block for a new career. Our dedicated volunteers spend hundreds of hours training in leadership, fire, and emergency medicine fields and also hold state and national certifications that are highly portable.


Some of the benefits volunteering provide:

  • Community involvement and support

  • Reimbursement for calls and drills attended

  • Volunteer retirement

  • Free professional training and certification

  • Working with like minded team members

  • Staying active

How can I help?

You can help by joining our efforts! Check out the options for membership, we have so many different tasks to perform that we may have a great fit for you and your abilities. Even if you don't necessarily want to run into a burning building....that's fine! Our support services section has plenty of opportunities that can utilize the skills you choose to lend. We also have opportunities for EMS or fire only responders but welcome all to participate in any capacity they safely can. When everyone puts in just a little, great things can be accomplished.

If you are available to attend drills, and live in the area of our district- sign up, check it out, and come meet us to find out if it's for you. The need is high and it's never been easier to sign up and join Randle Fire & EMS - just follow the link to our opportunities page.

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