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Justin Claibourn

Training Captain/AEMT

Justin began his time in the fire service when joining Eatonville Fire & Rescue in 2005. After obtaining Firefighter 1 and 2 and Hazmat Ops, he continued his education in the volunteer fire department by studying for and obtaining an EMT-B certification in 2006. He maintained active service until 2009 as the Maintenance Lieutenant for the Town of Eatonville while working for Central Pierce Fire & Rescue concurrently as a Master Emergency Vehicle Technician, obtaining various other fire service leadership and training certifications and experience, he also served on the board for the Washington Fire Chiefs mechanics division for two terms. Later he joined Randle Fire & EMS after moving into the district to manage his farm and retired as a mechanic in 2023 to manage his farm full time. He continues to obtain training through Randle Fire & EMS and holds the position of training officer. He has a wife, two children that attend White Pass, a dog, and a big mouse hunting farm kitty named Skeeter.

Justin Claibourn
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